The Lounge

Our master suite. This great space was designed as a recording studio live room – crank up your amps and play loud to truly appreciate the amazing sound in here. As well as being a popular rehearsal studio this room also makes up part of our recording complex and can be used for band videos, TV production, photography and as a live event space. The Lounge was recently featured in the Channel 4 comedy series The Mimic.


9.5m x 4.9m x 3.8m / 504 sq feet
Large Room
Fully Soundproofed
Acoustically Treated
Wooden Floor
Comfy Seating

Behringer MX2442A Mixing Desk, 24 Channel Input
Zoom Studio 1204 Effects Unit
PV – 8.5c Power Amp, 1100w
JBL RX100 Speakers
Peavey 18” Speakers
Mics – Shure SM58

Available from £11 per hour

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