10 Minutes with Turbowolf


We caught up with Bristol's shape-shifting hard rock outfit Turbowolf during a recent visit to Factory Studios. Turbowolf has blown the cobwebs off the UK rock scene with high-octane shows that trade in crunchy, dinosaur-shaped riffs, the death-or-glory spirit of DFA1979, and the pantomime stage antics of 80s metal. 

What’s the most unexpected thing that’s happened to you in a recording studio?

We once wrote a song that sounded exactly the same backwards as forwards.

Besides music, what inspires your creative process?

Chocolate, donuts and cauliflower hot wings

When you’re touring, which one item will you never leave home without?

My new cam, tampons and my powerful attraction to frogs.

Who or what has been your biggest influence?

The Visitors.

What are the key challenges of the music industry today?

Standing out.

What’s your advice on overcoming those challenges?

Stand out.

What’s your masterpiece?

Creating such a wonderful fanbase.

Which artists are you most excited about at the moment?

Death from Above 1979.

It’s desert island time…which three records would you take?

Only need one: Leonard Nimoy – The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy