Factory Studios can cater for all your audio needs, from recording through to mixing, mastering and CD manufacture. We are able to undertake any size of recording project.

Our versatile facility comprises of a 500 square ft live room, vocal booth and acoustically treated control room. 

Factory Studios provides use of our classic large format desk; the DDA DMR12 56 Channel Mixing Console. Built in the 90s and originally used in London’s Air Studios, this notorious analogue desk is more than adept in catering for any professional recording and mixing projects.

We can also offer the use of either Avid Pro Tools 12, or Apple Logic Pro X, as well as microphones from AKG, Shure, Warm, Aston, Oktava and T-bone.

Our studio is available on a dry hire basis at the rate of £150 per day, including the use of in-house equipment. Artists can bring in external engineers if they so wish. 

If you require an engineer, Factory Studios works with a number of experienced sound engineers who are on hand to discuss your project and offer sympathetic and professional advice. 

To listen to some examples of our work please get in touch. 

Recording runs from 10am to 6pm. 

For more information or to book please contact us on 01179 525 655.

DDA DMR12 56 Channel 12 Bus Analog Recording and Mixing Console

Apple Mac Mini 2.8Ghz dual-core Intel i5 with 8GB RAM
Antelope Orion 32+ Thunderbolt and USB 32 Channel AD/DA
Avid Pro Tools 12
Apple Logic Pro X

Focal Shape Twin Active Nearfield Monitors

Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser Microphone (Pair)
Aston Starlight Small Diaphragm Capacitor (Pair)
Warm WA-14 Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone (Pair)
Warm WA-87 Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone
Oktava MK-012 Cardioid Microphone (Pair)
t.bone RB500 Ribbon Microphone (Pair)
AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM7b Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone (x4)

Outboard Mic Pre-Amps
Warm WA-273 Dual Channel British Mic Pre with EQ
Warm WA-412 Four Channel American Console Mic Pre

Outboard Dynamics
Warm WA-76 Single Channel Discrete Compressor (Pair)
ART SCL2 Dual/Stereo Compressor/Limiter Expander/Gate

Pre-production in the live room

The Live Room – our deluxe pre-production studio. This newly treated multi-functional space is perfect for all your pre-production needs. The main studio is 1051 sq feet and can also be used with an adjoining production office or external mix room. The studio is available with or without in-house equipment and has an airflow system, direct access to the garden and own toilet. We also offer parking for tour buses with electric hook up so you can start your tour directly from the studio!

“Factory studios has proved a great space for Portishead as we set up pre-production rehearsals ahead of some European shows. This is our second time in Factory, this time in the larger space. Using the “Pole” room for our front of house mixing desk worked very well as did using one of the studios as a production office. Any problems we did have were quickly resolved and none of our requests has been to be too much for all the Factory staff. Thanks for a great week.”

— Mick Brown, Production Manager – Portishead

“Just to say thanks to Factory Studios for looking after us this past 2 weeks. Super friendly, efficient and a pleasure to be here. See you next time!”

— Suzi Green, PJ Harvey TM


If you are looking for a venue with a difference to hold an event then look no further than Factory Studios. Located on the edge of Bristol’s city centre and in a building steeped in musical heritage, Factory Studios presents an ideal backdrop on which to create the perfect event for any occasion. 


We at Factory Studios are proud to be involved with a variety of music festivals & events in and around Bristol. We’ve had the pleasure of programming music for BrisfestRedfest & Colston Hall and have sponsored & supported festivals such as Bristol Harbour FestivalBristol Acoustic Music FestivalThe Green WeekRave on AvonSimple things and Fear of Fiction Festival. If you are looking for a local music organisation to support your event then please get in touch!

For pricing and further information about the space please contact the office on 0117 952 5655 or fill out the form.


Factory Studios offer an extensive list of top quality equipment for all your dry hire needs. In the unlikely event you can’t find what you need listed below, please give us a call as we’re able to source almost anything through our network of contacts. All our backline equipment is regularly serviced and tested before hire to ensure they are in perfect condition. Please get in touch for a quote.

Internal hire prices are £3-£5 per session for each piece of kit and we have plenty of Guitar amps, Bass amps and Drum kits available.


Why bother dragging your equipment to and from practice every week? We have secure storage. Pay us on a weekly or monthly basis and all we ask is 1 weeks notice if you want to give your locker up. Access is anytime during normal opening hours. - Prices from £5 per week (depending on how much stuff you have).


If you would like some help brushing up your skills we offer a range of tuition and coaching to suit all levels. Our team of experienced tutors offer lessons in:

Vocals /Guitar /Drums

We also offer great rates for tutors wanting to teach their own students here at Factory Studios. Please contact us for details.



Sonor 3005 Maple kit, Autumn Fade
Sonor Special Edition Birch kit, White Sparkle
Pearl Export 5-piece kit
Mapex Mars Pro Series 5-piece kit
Cymbal pack – hats, crash, ride

Ampeg SVT Classic bass head with Ampeg 8×10 cabinet
Ashdown ABM 500 4X10 combo 500W
Ashdown 115 extension cabinet
Mesa Boogie bass 400 valve head with Mesa Boogie 2X15 cabinet EV speakers
Warwick W-CCL 210 ND 8 bass combo head with Warwick 4×10 cabinet
Peavey Mark Bass VIII XP head with Peavey 8×10 cabinet
Trace Elliott combo bass amp
Peavey 450 bass head with Peavey 4×10 cabinet

Soundcraft Gigrac 1000st with JBL RX100 speakers
Peavey XR8300 with JBL RX100 speakers
Carlsbro PM10 powered wedge monitors
Shure SM58 microphone with stand and lead


Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 with Marshall 4×12 cabinet
Marshall JCM900 DSL100 with Marshall 4×12 cabinet
Peavey Windsor 300W valve with Peavey 4×12 cabinet
Laney Linebacker 100 with Laney 4×12 cabinet
Fender Pro Reverb 2X12 70W valve 1977 vintage
Fender Twin Reverb 2X12 135W valve 1975 vintage
Fender Twin Reverb 2X12 85W valve 1965 re-issue
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Marshall MG250 DFX combo 50W
Crate Vintage Club 50
Roland JC120 2X12 combo 120W
Vox AC30cc2 2×12 valve combo 30W
Line 6 combo amp
Vox 170W combo amp

Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard
Korg Triton keyboard
Nord Electro 3 keyboard
Double keyboard stand
Single keyboard stand